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Marketing Management

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Essay title: Marketing Management

Question 1

Australian music industry has not been substantially impacted by the digital music trend yet. But the symptoms of perceived impact can be felt by looking at the mass digital music adoption rate. Digital music has shown tremendous growth of about 250% of value $ 27.8 million and 320 % in volume till end of 2006. This growth has increased the share of digital distribution from 1.5 % in 2005 to 5.5 % in 2006 in Australia. Amidst global trend of obtaining digital music online from legal and illegal source growing at a rapid phase. The Australian music industry on other hand is dominated largely by the physical sources of music like CDs and DVDs up to 95 % till 2006.

(Source: 2006 ARIA yearly statistics

The future forecast of digital music is assumed to be $ 60 million in 2007 and around $ 200 million in 2010. The future of music industry is online digitalization, which would waive off the physical medium in times to come.

(Source: IBIS World

Target Markets for Online Digital Music

Internet is the prime medium to download the digital tracks from various online music stores. Hence understanding the degree of diffusion of internet in Australian consumers gives vital information about the consumer’s likeliness to purchase digital music online.

According to Australian bureau of Statistics, the accessibility of internet among the Australian household have grew from 16% in 1998 to 46% in 2002. In 2004-05, 56% of households were connected to internet which grew rapidly from 16 % in 1998. While the age group of 18-24 years forms 70% of total internet users in Australia.

(Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) (2004) “Household use of information technology, Australia”,

Digital Music - adoption

The various factors influencing Diffusion of innovation of digital music:

1. Degree of consumers trying new products – Digital music and personal influence.

2. Characteristics of the digital music as Innovation.

3. Organizations readiness to adopt innovations.

Degree of consumers trying new products – Digital music

This innovation is finding place in market because of convenience factors associated to it, like above. The consumer adoption process or diffusion of innovation can hence be understood by applying this innovation on Adoption of innovation model from Kotler and Keller, 2006e, Pg 659.

1.1 The chart shows the present and future sales of digital music in Australia from 2005-2010

Adopted from: Relative time of adoption of innovation, Kotler & Keller, 2006e, Fig 20.7, Page no. 659. Source: Statistical figures adopted from (Source: 2006 ARIA yearly statistics and IBIS World

The figure 1.1 contains the sales of digital music according to the annual reports of ARIA for the period 2005 and 2006.While the future sales figures are been taken from forecasts made by IBIS world. These figures are taken and assimilated into the diffusion of innovation model to understand the Australian adoption process of digital music.

It can be analyzed that the innovators in adapting digital music were active in the period 2005-2006. While the early adopters have begun to be actively participate from 2006 onwards. The present stage of the Australian adoption process to digital music is early adapters. There are tremendous possibilities of early majority expected from the period 2007 to 2010.

Innovators: In context to digital music, the innovators were the initial users who found purchasing online music of there choice very easy in comparison to the traditional way of buying from a retailer. The rate at which innovators grew over time is 250 % which shows that the innovation have considerably found acceptance among consumers.

Early adopters: Early adopters in adopting digital music have found to growing with rapid phase of 115% from 2006-2007. This shows that digital music have been accepted by these early adopters. Based upon the degree of growth in volume have made the market watchers

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