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Student Survival Guide

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Essay title: Student Survival Guide


Axia Education Resources

• Downloading files on my PC or portable device is useful in that it allows me to revert back to material that I have downloaded as an easy reference guide. It also allows me to take this info with me wherever I go.

• Navigating the Library allows me to browse text and information useful to master my course of study. It gives me the opportunity to view other people’s opinion and ne able to grow in that.

• Identifying key information within articles is crucial to being able to draw from an article exactly what I need in order to succeed in the subject I am studying.

Academic Honesty

• University of Phoenix students are expected to conduct themselves ethically, honestly, and with integrity as responsible members of the University’s academic community.

• An alleged violation as it stated in the policy is; violation of the Student Code will go through several steps:

o Alleged Violations

o Investigation

o Notification

o Committee Process

o Decision

o Sanctions

o Appeals

o Can lead to suspension of dismissal

• Avoiding plagiarism- use your own words and ideas, give credit for copied, adapted, or paraphrased material.

o Avoid using others work with minor “cosmetic” changes.

o When in doubt cite, check to see if you had copied someone else’s work.

o Use quotation marks and credit the source when you copy the wording.

o Use your own words instead of copying.

o Give credit for words and ideas that aren’t your own, even if you paraphrase. (avoiding plagiarism online)

Setting and Achieving Goals

A. Positive

• Goals must be stated in positive rather than negative terms.

B. Personal

• Goals must be about me, and under my control, not about someone else.

C. Precise

• Goals must be clear and describe exactly what I want to do.

• Define the goal. Outline the steps needed to achieve it. Consider possible blocks and ways of dealing with them.

• Knowing what you want in life- having specific goals and updating them regularly can be a major key to success.

• Set an end result to your goal

• Focus on the end result rather than on the steps needed to achieve it.

D. Specific

• Writing them down can help you clearly see what it is you want to achieve

E. Measurable

• Find a way to measure the progress so you know when the goal is achieved and will keep you motivated

F. Attainable

• See the realistic path to achievement, and reasonable odds that you get there.

G. Rewarding

• Have a clear reason why you want to reach that goal. Imagine how you’ll feel when the goal is finally reached.

H. Timely

• Setting a deadline will help from procrastination and perfectionism.

Managing Time Wisely

• Create a weekly schedule which allows significant time for homework every day. Doing a little homework every day will help to stay caught up.

• Self knowledge and goals: having awareness of what my goals are will assist in prioritizing my activities.

• Developing and maintaining a personal, flexible schedule: create a schedule that works for me.

• Tips that I found that would help me:

o Get organized.

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