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Student Survival Guide

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Essay title: Student Survival Guide

In order to be successful in college one must be able to fully utilize all the tools available to them. This guide is meant to serve as a personal guide that will help oneself successfully achieve in the following areas: Using Axia’s Education Resources, Upholding Academic Honesty, Setting and Achieving Goals, Managing Time Wisely, Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention and Applying Personality and Learning Styles. If this guide is followed, it will help the student to achieve the best result possible while attending Axia College.

Axia’s educational resources come in different formats. The reading materials are available in written form but there many audio files available as well. These audio files can be downloaded to ones computer or portable device. This allows those who, for various reasons, cannot sit and read the material to listen to the reading material instead. Axia’s University Library is another important tool available. Many different search engines such as EBSCOhost and Thomason Gale PowerSearch allow one to easily search through the numerous publications available. In order to identify key information within these articles it is helpful to narrow ones search using a keyword search or using Boolean logic. This helps narrow the search to the most relevant articles.

In an online environment like Axia College, academic honesty is of the up most importance. The Axia College Catalog clearly defines what academic dishonesty is and what the consequences are for this behavior. The most common offense is plagiarism. Axia College holds a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism. The consequences for committing plagiarism are expulsion from Axia College and the student is not allowed to reenroll. There are steps students can take to help ensure they do not commit plagiarism. Some steps that can be taken are: thoroughly researching the topic so the subject is understood, taking accurate and detailed notes of references used during research, citing all references used in the work, having a third party proofread the work, and allowing for plenty of time to work on the assignment.

In order to be successful one must set long and short-term goals for themselves. Setting goals will help ensure that you are moving in the direction you wish to go. A good way to help identify goals for yourself is to make a list of your long term goals and then break them down into smaller short-term goals. After these short-term goals are identified, setting a time frame for completion will help ensure that adequate progress is made for each goal. Many find using a planner aids them in following their time frame for each goal. Life is unpredictable and many find themselves up against obstacles that may interfere with accomplishing their goals. With proper planning and continuous reevaluation of their goals, one can overcome any obstacle and still meet their goals on schedule. A student may wonder how setting goals relates to getting a degree at Axia college. Setting educational goals will help you earn your degree and will help achieve professional goals in the future. This will provide an edge on the competition in your chosen profession.

Balancing classes at Axia may seem like a daunting task especially if one’s schedule is already full with other responsibilities. There are steps that will allow one’s courses to fit into a already busy schedule. First, print out the Course Calendar and Syllabus for each class. This provides your outline and expectations in the coming weeks ahead. Next, create a schedule that will plot a course allowing everything to be accomplished each day and week. Listing activities along with how long each activity will need will make certain that all tasks are accomplished in an effective manner. Prioritizing the items on your schedule will allow you to accomplish the most important activities first and help avoid wasting time. Another tip for avoiding wasted time is to schedule down time each day. Scheduling down time will help one to avoid procrastination. In addition, flexibility in one’s schedule will allow for any unplanned circumstances that occur to be addressed and handled appropriately.

Reading comprehension is an important skill that needs to

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