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Student Survival Guide

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Essay title: Student Survival Guide

My Student Survival Guide for distance learning at Axia College of University of Phoenix consists of how I will use Axia’s educational resources, uphold academic honesty, set and achieve my goals, how I will manage my time wisely, foster reading comprehension and retention, and how applying my personality and learning styles to complete college successfully. My Survival Guide is as follows:

Using Axia’s Educational Resources

I will download my course materials to my computer and put them in a format, so that I can use them anywhere is a good idea for distance learning. I would put all the audio transcripts on my IPod, so that I can listen to them in the car on my way to work or while I am exercising. I would use the University Library to conduct academic research is better than just using the internet. The results from the research in the University Library are more geared for the student than most of the results that are gotten when using conventional search engines. If I am having difficulties navigating through the university library I will use the tutorial to refresh my memory. If the results that are returned did not help me I would use ask the Librarian feature in the University Library. I will print out the article that I am using and I would read, and highlight the key words in the article for the subject in which I am working on.

Upholding Academic Honesty

Since Axia has a zero tolerance of cheating and plagiarism I will submit only the work that I have completed myself. If I am caught submitting a paper that I plagiarized I know that I could be kicked out of school. To avoid this I will take notes on the material that I am working on, so I could formulate my own paper and if I think that I might have plagiarized I could use the plagiarism checker at the Center for Writing Excellence.

Setting and Achieving Goals

My long-term goal for education is to graduate in the top 10% of my class and to graduate on time, or ahead of schedule. The long-term career goal that I have set, for myself, is to get a job as a Network Administrator when I graduate. My short-term goal for my education is to complete my classes with passing grades and only complete them once. Whenever I run into an obstacle that could affect any of my goals I work through it and continue like there was never a problem. The way a degree from Axia relates to my career goals is in order, for me to get a job as a Network Administrator I need either a degree or certification. I chose a degree because I think that my resume would be more likely considered when an employer sees it.

Managing Time Wisely

I balance my time between my courses at Axia by doing quite a bit of my schoolwork while I am at work. Since most of our aircraft are not at our facility it makes it easy to accomplish my class work then. By completing a majority of my schoolwork at work I can also my fellow colleague’s questions on my school-work if I am having problems understanding a subject. On the days that I do have stuff to do at work I will generally spend two to three hours on each class or however much time is needed to complete the days assignments. On the weekends during the day I will spend time with my family swimming

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