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Student Survival Guide

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Essay title: Student Survival Guide

Student Survival Guide

Allison Betts

Axia Campus University of Phoenix

While attending Axia, this student survival guide will help. It explains how to utilize the things I have learned so far and how to use them to my greatest advantage throughout my education. The following topics will explain how to utilize certain areas of the Axia website and how to train yourself to learn effectively and to your best ability.

Using Axia’s Educational Resources

In order to make sure you have the correct files on your computer, Axia has files to help out. You will need to sign into the Axia website and go to My Learning Resources. Then go to Tools & Tutorials – click on downloads – here there are resources that you can download to your computer including: Internet Explorer/Outlook Express, Adobe, Flashplayers, Netscape, and Microsoft Office File Converter. This makes it easier to make sure that your computer is compatible with the materials used during your classes at Axia.

While navigating the University Library, there are many different things to do. You can learn how to navigate using the University Library Interactive Tutorial. This will show you how to search for keywords, choose a database, explain about copyright law, and search for specific publications. If you are having a problem with something, there is an option to ask a librarian. This library is a wonderful tool as it’s all done online and there is an unlimited amount of information. Axia wants you to use a lot of peer reviewed articles and there is an option in the search process to check for peer viewed articles.

Upholding Academic Honesty

Axia has an academic honesty policy that is noted in the Syllabus for each class. This explains that you are expected to cite any works that are not your own and that content of your papers needs to be truthful. The reason for this is to make sure that you are not plagiarizing any papers.

There are consequences of plagiarism and it’s not taken lightly. These can include a poor grade, being dropped from the class, or even dropped from the University.

Avoiding plagiarism consists of crediting authors and sources. You need to cite any work that is not your own. Ways to avoid plagiarism include taking notes of each source and content as you progress through your paper, knowing the difference between a quotation and a paraphrase, and using citations. You also need to know that copying content from the internet is also considered plagiarism.

Setting and Achieving Goals

Identify long and short term educational and career goals. Link life values to long term goals and choose a major and a direction for your education and career. Focus on what you want out of life. Short term goals are all the smaller goals that lead to reaching your long term goals.

It’s easier to reach your goals if you prioritize them. There will be times that there will be obstacles, including personal situations and time commitments. You must be prepared for problems that may set you back, but you need to continue to work to achieve your goals. You will want to have a strategy to achieve your goals. Set a period of time that you will achieve these goals in and always monitor how you are progressing. You are the only one who is

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