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Elevator Speeach

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Elevator Speeach

After enrolling in online courses at Axia College, I was asked why I did not take the classes through a university. I explained that in a distance-learning environment, I learn through asynchronous as opposed to synchronous. Asynchronous is where an individual communicates with classmates through the universities online classroom anywhere and anytime. Both students and instructors logon through Axia’s website from the convenience of their own home. Although we may not be in class at the same time, our views are shared through threaded discussions that we discuss within the forum. A forum is a classroom environment that takes place online. Some forums are open to all the classmates and others are private. The instructor posts a thread within the forum and each of us give our response. Once I post my opinion on the discussion, a classmate may reply to my thread in the forum. Threaded discussions allow us to build off one another’s responses. Each week requires my attendance and participation. I am required to post one message on two separate days in one of the class forums to receive credit for attendance. For participation, I must post two substantive notes on three separate days. Instead of spending 8 hours in a classroom, I spend only half the time online and get the same advantages. Our instructor gives us course

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