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  • Pfizer Inc. Business Analysis and Strategic Implications

    Pfizer Inc. Business Analysis and Strategic Implications

    PFIZER INC. BUSINESS ANALYSIS AND STRATEGIC IMPLICATIONS OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY Pfizer Inc. is a global pharmaceutical company that creates and manufactures products for both humans and animals. Pfizer is headquartered in New York City and employs about 115,000 people. PRINCIPAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Pfizer currently has ten different divisions and promotes thirty-one different major products. The divisions and largest major products within each group are: Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases (Lipitor, Caduet, Norvasc), Central Nervous

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    Submitted: March 31, 2010 By: Artur
  • Pfizer Industry Review

    Pfizer Industry Review

    Pfizer Corporation: The pharmaceutical industry began in the early 1800’s when several chemical companies were founded in Philadelphia, marking the beginning of our current pharmaceutical manufacturing industry (Pfizer, 2008a). Founded in 1849, Pfizer has grown into a multibillion-dollar corporation by providing many of the highest quality drugs available today (Pfizer, 2007). However, many factors impact the continued success of Pfizer and the pharmaceutical industry in general. After reviewing these factors, it is our recommendation that

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    Submitted: November 24, 2009 By: Tommy
  • Pfizer Macroeconomic Forecast

    Pfizer Macroeconomic Forecast

    Macroeconomic Forecast Pfizer, Inc. March 14, 2005 Abstract This paper is a Macroeconomic Forecast Outline of Pfizer, Inc. This outline will identify main economic indicators for Pfizer as a business entity and as a representative of pharmaceutical industry. This paper will identify sources of various data collected based on economical activity and relationships between different economical indicators. Main Economic Indicators The purpose of economic indicators is to provide for researchers and analysts the ability to

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    Submitted: November 22, 2009 By: Mikki
  • Pfizer’s Strategic Plan

    Pfizer’s Strategic Plan

    PFIZER INC. Pfizer Strategic Plan Date Submitted: May 25, 2005 Pfizer’s Strategic Plan: Overview Executive Summary Pfizer is a New York City based major drug producer, ranking first in pharmaceutical sales in the U.S., with 2005 revenues of 56.7 billion. With almost 60 billion in Revenue, Pfizer remains the industry’s behemoth, overseeing the most ambitious research agenda for any company in the world. Pfizer’s is spending on R&D supports 12,000 scientists. Pfizer’s research increased 3

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    Submitted: January 4, 2010 By: Tasha
  • Phar-Mor: Case Study

    Phar-Mor: Case Study

    Phar-Mor was known as one of the major discount chain retailers in the late 1980’s - early 1990’s. It was founded by Mickey Monus, a gambler in nature, who with the help of senior management was “cooking the books” for years to cover up his loses. The reason why senior management agreed to do this fraud is the belief in unique ability of their leader to fix everything later on. This case is known as

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    Submitted: February 26, 2010 By: Victor
  • Pharma Industry in Bangladesh

    Pharma Industry in Bangladesh

    The thesis applies performance evaluation of pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh. It means evaluate how well the company performs. The main aim is achieved through ratio analysis of two pharmaceutical (Beximco and Square pharmaceutical) companies in Bangladesh. The main data collection from the annual financial reports on Beximco and square pharmaceutical companies in 2007 to 2008.Different financial ratio are evaluated such liquidity ratios, asset management ratios, profitability ratios, market value ratios, debt management ratios and finally

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    Submitted: April 25, 2011 By: mnamrubel
  • Pharma Report Romania

    Pharma Report Romania

    © WPM, World Pharmaceutical Markets, 2005 Espicom Business Intelligence, Lincoln House, City Fields Business Park, City Fields Way, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 2FS, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)1243 533322. Fax: +44 (0)1243 533418. Outlook: Romania January 2005 This page left intentionally blank WPM OUTLOOK ROMANIA WPM Outlook © espicom BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE January 2005 i Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ............................................................................................................1 PHARMACEUTICAL MARKET..................................................................................................2 Current Size .............................................................................................................................................................. 2 Projections ................................................................................................................................................................ 3 Outlook...................................................................................................................................................................... 4 Market Structure ....................................................................................................................................................... 5 OTC

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    Submitted: March 13, 2010 By: Bred
  • Pharma Trend

    Pharma Trend

    Jim Edwards has a good post up about financial efficiency among the big drug companies. If you plot out their revenue versus expenses (S,G&A), you see that all the big outfits are basically the same (here's an enlarged version of the graph). Abbott's (ABT) a bit toward the top end of the narrow range, and AstraZeneca's (AZN) toward the bottom, but there's not much to choose from. This despite several of the companies on the

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    Submitted: August 12, 2010 By: tee
  • Pharmaceutical Industry and the Aids Crisis

    Pharmaceutical Industry and the Aids Crisis

    1. Executive Summary The pharmaceutical industry is characterised as a highly risky and lengthy R&D process, intense competition for intellectual property, stringent government regulation and powerful purchaser pressures (Batiz-Lazo & Holland, 2004). These characteristics have impacted on the willingness of the pharmaceutical companies to cater to the emerging markets and the involvement of ethical issues. This paper looks at the nature of supplying drugs to emerging markets and suggestions included the following: a. Enforcement in

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    Submitted: May 14, 2011 By: kidtos
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Five Force Model

    Pharmaceutical Industry Five Force Model

    According to the first class, the power point showed that the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable industry. Based on the Porter’s five forces model, there are convincing explanation why the pharmaceutical industry has big profitability. For the threat of new entrants perspective, it is high. The pharmaceutical industry has a big barrier to prevent newcomers to enter this industry such as R&D costs, patents limitation, the long length of clinical time, the percentage of

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    Submitted: March 7, 2010 By: Monika
  • Pharmaceutical Industry in Bangladesh

    Pharmaceutical Industry in Bangladesh

    1) PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 1.1 Industry Background: The total industry can broadly be classified into two categories. Theses are a) Patent Medicines b) Generic Medicines Patent medicines are the products that are invented by the company, who have their own research team working on their own laboratories. These products are patented for many years to enjoy the monopoly market. After years of business the formulation is sold in the market so that others can go

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    Submitted: June 6, 2010 By: Andrew
  • Pharmaceutical Joint Venture Genzyme and Geltex

    Pharmaceutical Joint Venture Genzyme and Geltex

    1. Introduction 1.1 Background In early 1997, a representative for Genzyme Corporation is meeting up with a joint-venture negotiation team in an effort to develop terms for a proposed joint-venture agreement. The joint-venture (JV) will, if agreed upon, combine the capabilities of Genzyme, a large pharmaceutical company and GelTex, an early-stage bio-tech research company with only two products in their pipeline. The rationale for the JV is to utilize Genzyme’s capital and knowledge in marketing

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    Submitted: December 7, 2016 By: hasse
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Ethics

    Pharmaceutical Marketing Ethics

    The discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of medicines always involve questions of ethics. For example increasing pressure by governments to reduce healthcare expenditures potentially creates ethical issues for sales and marketing employees as they work to grow in the business. The healthcare industry is highly regulated and most pharmaceutical companies are committed to operating within the law. They have developed their own policies and guidance to ensure that all employees meet the highest ethical standards

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    Submitted: March 12, 2010 By: Stenly
  • Pharmacogenomics


    PHARMACOGENOMICS INTRODUCTION Pharmacogenomics is the study of how an individual's genetic inheritance affects the body's response to drugs. The term comes from the words pharmacology and genomics and is thus the intersection of pharmaceuticals and genetics. Pharmacogenomics holds the promise that drugs might one day be tailor-made for individuals and adapted to each person's own genetic makeup. Environment, diet, age, lifestyle, and state of health all can influence a person's response to medicines, but understanding

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    Submitted: December 25, 2009 By: Edward
  • Pharmacuetical Industryof Pakistan

    Pharmacuetical Industryof Pakistan

    PHARMACUETICAL INDUSTRYOF PAKISTAN the essential drugs was in fact the life line for the national segment of the industry. Due to several reasons, especially inaccessibility of new researched medications this policy was ultimately reversed in 1976. Pharmaceuticals are the substances that are aimed to treat, cure, prevent or recognize diseases and relieve pains through their applications. Research and discovery are the essence of pharmaceutical industry, and its success has played a vital role in maintaining

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    Submitted: May 15, 2011 By: tauqeer
  • Phase I, Ii, III and IV Marketing Plan

    Phase I, Ii, III and IV Marketing Plan

    Marketing Plan: Phase I, II, III, and IV Lora, Jina, Tina, and Josie MKT 421 Jon Smith 1/25/2008 Executive Summary Petsmart would like to introduce a new product called CuddleSmart. This product has been developed in order to aid desired pet owners to control allergies caused by cats and dogs. A four-phased plan has been developed to market the new product. Phase 1 – Development of CuddleSmart • Development of product – 63% of 112.9

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    Submitted: January 12, 2010 By: Mike
  • Phil Knight Managing Nike's Trasformation

    Phil Knight Managing Nike's Trasformation

    In 1983 Phil Knight decided to leave the company in Woodell's hands. That was because Knight had to work on a manufacturing project in China. In 1893 NIKE was a successful firm; they had 34% of the market share and their sales were growing constantly, from $14.1 million in 1976 to $867.2 million in 1983 (Exhibit 1, Phil Knight: CEO at NIKE). Woodell had been worked for NIKE since 1967 as the World Wide Marketing

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    Submitted: December 11, 2009 By: regina
  • Philhealth’s Indigent Program

    Philhealth’s Indigent Program

    CHAPTER I. RATIONALE Introduction The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation was created by Republic Act No. 7875 to administer the National Health Insurance Program which is designed to provide health insurance coverage and ensure affordable, acceptable and health services for all Filipinos. The Enhanced “PCSO Greater Medicare Access (GMA) Program” is a partnership forged by four important agencies of the government: the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), the Local Government Unit (LGU), Department of Budget and

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    Submitted: December 30, 2009 By: Yan
  • Philip Crosby

    Philip Crosby

    “Doing it right the first time”, has been a stimulating quote from a man that was an inspiration to thousand of companies around the globe, Philip Bayard Crosby. Mr. Crosby was a practitioner, writer, and philosopher of quality management. His works range from books, seminars, and Philip Crosby Associates, which has helped to change the ever growing companies in corporate quality. Philip Crosby was born on June 18, 1926 in Wheeling West Virginia to Mary

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    Submitted: March 29, 2010 By: Vika
  • Philip Morris

    Philip Morris

    The history of what is now a global company can be traced back to Philip Morris's 1854 opening of a single shop on London's Bond Street, selling tobacco and ready-made cigarettes. In 1847, the famous Phillip Morris is established, selling hand rolled Turkish cigarettes.Cigarettes became popular around this time when soldiers brought it back to England from the Russian and Turkish soldiers. In 1902, the British Phillip Morris sets up a New York headquarters to

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    Submitted: January 25, 2010 By: Mike
  • Philip Vs Mitsushita: A New Century, A New Round

    Philip Vs Mitsushita: A New Century, A New Round

    Case background: This case is about two giants in the global consumer electronics market, namely Philips and Matsushita. Their international strategies and organizations are very different ЎV while the former pursued a localization strategy, the latter pursued a global standardization strategy; while the former made use of highly self-sufficient national organizations (NOs) for strong local responsiveness, the latter adopted Ў§1 product 1 divisionЎЁ structure for cost cutting. Nevertheless, both companies encountered their difficulties as the

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    Submitted: April 21, 2010 By: Stenly
  • Philippine Retirement Authority

    Philippine Retirement Authority

    An Information Technology Audit on the Philippine Retirement Authority Special Retiree Service Syste 1.0 INTRODUCTION The previous paper illustrated the present state of the Philippine Retirement Authority, its processes, and finally concluded with an assessment of its the SWOT elements. This report follows up by asking: Given its vision of developing the Philippines into a retirement haven, will investing in information technology bring the PRA closer to its vision? We believe that there is

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    Submitted: December 2, 2009 By: Vika
  • Philippines Economy

    Philippines Economy

    The Philippines is located in South East Asia and the Philippines economy has been industrialized in the recent times. In terms of the purchasing power parity it ranked 24th according to the World Bank. The sectors that are of key importance in the Philippines Economy are agriculture, industry and mining each of which can be detailed under the following heads; Agricultural sector contributes about 17.1% of the GDP, Industrial Sector contributes 18.1% in the GDP.

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    Submitted: December 20, 2009 By: Kevin
  • Philips


    Philips versus Matsushita: The Competitive Battle Continues Throughout their long histories, N.V. Philips (Netherlands) and Matsushita Electric (Japan) had followed very different strategies and emerged with very different organizational capabilities. Philips built its success on a worldwide portfolio of responsive national organizations while Matsushita based its global competitiveness on its centralized, highly efficient operations in Japan. During the first decade of the 21st century, however, both companies experienced major challenges to their historic competitive positions

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    Submitted: May 9, 2011 By: nepal
  • Philips Vs Matsushita (summary)

    Philips Vs Matsushita (summary)

    Philips was founded by Gerard Philips and his father in 1892 in Eindhoven, Holland . Then, they recruited Anton Philips (Herard’s brother), an excellent salesman and manager, and soon after they became the third largest light-bulb producer in Europe. However from its beginning on it always took care for his workers. As an example in Eindhoven it built company houses, bolstered education, and paid its employees so well that other local employers complained. When larger

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    Submitted: January 9, 2010 By: Wendy
  • Phillips-Versus-Matsushita


    Questions:1.How did Philips succeed to become the leading consumer electronics manufacturer in the world after WWII? What were its competencies and incompetencies?2.How did Matsushita succeed to replace Philip as No. 1? What were its competencies and incompetencies?3.What do you think of the change each company has made today? Why is it so hard to change?4.What recommendations would you make to Cor Boonstra? Yoichi Morichita?Case background:This case is about two giants in the global consumer electronics

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    Submitted: May 16, 2011 By: busicher5
  • Philosophy


    Aristotle agreed with Plato’s approach to science but also thought it was important to study living things. He first defined scientific knowledge, and why it should be required. He had invented science as the collective organized enterprise as it is today. Aristotle had the first science department to biology, but it was a bit weak in the physics side. Aristotle’s method for living things was to define the subject matter, to consider the difficulties involved

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    Submitted: January 8, 2010 By: Artur
  • Phipps Plaza Mall Analysis

    Phipps Plaza Mall Analysis

    Mall Analysis: Phipps Plaza How exciting malls are in terms of architectural and interior design! Just by going around the heart of any major city and seeing new steel and glass structures stretching towards the sky, many people may feel that shopping malls are a perfect destination for a combination of shopping and entertainment. As the largest city in the Southeast, Atlanta along with its vast history and historical museums, also offers the region’s largest

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    Submitted: April 8, 2010 By: Janna
  • Phising


    Phishing is the act of using electronic communication in an attempt to fraudulently obtain confidential information from a business or individual by posing as a legitimate entity. Typically a phishing attack has two components a: a legitimate looking email from a trustworthy entity and a fraudulent web page. Individuals are enticed into revealing personal id and financial info on fraudulent web sites, also know as spoofed web sites. Governments, financial institutions and online services are

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    Submitted: December 20, 2009 By: Stenly
  • Phoenix Pay Problems Case Study

    CMIS4450 – Managing IT Portfolio Section: A02 Student: Adriana Trifan Phoenix Pay Problems Case Instructor: Dong Ye Northern Alberta Institute of Technology February 22, 2018 ________________ Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Current Situation Analysis 2 SWOT Conclusion 4 Problem Statements 4 The first problem: positions eliminated 5 The second problem: more expensive than expected 5 The third problem: technical. 5 Criteria / Measures 6 Alternatives and Evaluation of the Alternatives 6 Alternative #1 6

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    Submitted: July 5, 2018 By: trifanadriana
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