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  • Enligthenment


    Strongly influenced by the rise of modern science and by the aftermath of the long religious conflict that followed the Reformation, the thinkers of the Enlightenment (called philosophes in France) were committed to secular views based on reason or human understanding only, which they hoped would provide a basis for beneficial changes affecting every area of life and thought. Denis Diderot, advocated a philosophical rationalism deriving its methods from science and natural philosophy that would

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    Submitted: January 15, 2010 By: Venidikt
  • Enslaved Women

    Enslaved Women

    Slavery for women was much different then for men. What it feels like to be an enslaved woman and deal with the facts that not only were you cheap labor, but also the means to get cheaper labor. Women can reproduce, and to raise a baby then to have your family sold away was a fact of life. Families influenced woman's behavior, as they were "less likely to escape or join collective resistance". (Pg.229 text)

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    Submitted: March 17, 2009 By: Anna
  • Enslaved Women

    Enslaved Women

    Slavery for women was much different then for men. What it feels like to be an enslaved woman and deal with the facts that not only were you cheap labor, but also the means to get cheaper labor. Women can reproduce, and to raise a baby then to have your family sold away was a fact of life. Families influenced woman's behavior, as they were "less likely to escape or join collective resistance". (Pg.229 text)

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    Submitted: March 21, 2010 By: Fatih
  • Epic of Gilgamesh

    Epic of Gilgamesh

    The Epic of Gilgamesh, which comes to us from around 2000 B.C., tells us of Mesopotamian culture in which the King of Uruk lived, the story itself, which actually predates the Bible by 500 years, and also ties in the stories that can be related to the Bible today. The Epic of Gilgamesh begins with the introduction of the story and then it leads into the actual story which tells us that it all happened

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    Submitted: April 23, 2010 By: Venidikt
  • Equal Treatment

    Equal Treatment

    People have different needs and abilities under different sets of circumstances. Treating them equally often require treating individuals differently. A quick example is found in families where the parents love their teenage son and toddler daughter equally. Yet the rules parents set for them and the chores required of them, if any, would be drastically different. Therefore, equal treatment of people does not require that they receive identical treatment. The Federal government treats the citizens

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    Submitted: March 7, 2010 By: Jessica
  • Equality in America

    Equality in America

    WOMEN In the middle to late 1800s, diversity swept across the United States of America. What is diversity? Diversity implies a wide variety in gender, race, culture, ethnicity, age, and other characteristics of certain groups ("Diversity," 2006). Diversity is present in every possible aspect of life. It does not matter where one goes or what one does in America, no two people look or act exactly the same. America has been and still is known

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    Submitted: April 28, 2010 By: Top
  • Equality in Eduacation

    Equality in Eduacation

    Going grocery shopping, taking medicine, filling out applications are task Americans do everyday. However, can you imagine not being able to do these things all because you cannot read and/or write? Or can you imagine being told that because of your skin tone you are incapable of learning? Illiteracy was also used as a trap because it is known that education is freedom and not being about to read and write was just another leash

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    Submitted: June 6, 2010 By: Steve
  • Eradicating Poverty in Jackson, Ms: Theories and Hypothesis for Change

    Eradicating Poverty in Jackson, Ms: Theories and Hypothesis for Change

    Eradicating Poverty in Jackson, MS: Theories and Hypothesis for Change Founded in 1822 on the site of a trading post on the west bank of the Pearl River, the city was named to honor Major General Andrew Jackson who later became the seventh President of the United States. The city’s history has been turbulent. During the civil war, the town was ravaged and burned three times by Union troops under the command of General William

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    Submitted: November 12, 2009 By: regina
  • Eric Massa Scandal

    Eric Massa Scandal

    On March 9, 2010 Eric Massa, a Democratic Representative for the state of New York resigned from political office due to allegations of sexual misconduct with several of his male staffers (Biography 2010). In an attempt to not allow another "Mark Foley" type situation happen again (Politico 2010). However, rumors of Massa's sexual misconduct with his staffers had been circulating among the Republicans and Democrats on Capital Hill (Politico 2010). GOP operatives had even been

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    Submitted: April 26, 2011 By: stevmil
  • Eric Williams

    Eric Williams

    Eric Williams Amongst the various historical figures in the history of Trinidad and Tobago, one man that greatly stands out from the rest is Dr. Eric Eustace Williams. Dr. Williams was born on September 25, 1911 and died one March 29, 1981. He is best known as the first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. He career in politics began in 1956. He remained in office until his death in 1981. Aside from being a

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    Submitted: January 18, 2010 By: Tommy
  • Erlich V. Menezes,

    Erlich V. Menezes,

    Erlich v. Menezes, 21 Cal. 4th 543, 981 P.2d 978, 87 Cal. Rptr. 2d 886; (Ca. 1999). Procedural Posture: On appeal from Court of Appeal judgment in favor of the Erlichs. Facts: Barry and Sandra Erlich contracted with John Menezes, a licensed general contractor, to build a home. The Erlichs moved into their home in December 1990 and began to experience troubles in February of 1991. The troubles first arose from several leaks in the

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    Submitted: April 28, 2010 By: Edward
  • Ernest Shackleton

    Ernest Shackleton

    Sean Bowers 10/1 3rd period The United States constitution was written in 1787 during the Philadelphia Convention. The weaknesses of the Articles of confederations leading to the writing of the constitution was due to the lack of power. The weaknesses of the of the nation government was that they had no power to tax, raise taxes its own taxes, raise its own troops, or to regulate trade. Under the Articles of Confederations of federal government

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    Submitted: December 7, 2017 By: kingsean
  • Erwin Rommel

    Erwin Rommel

    In the year 1944, Germany was fighting a war that could not be won. Many Germans thought that Adolph Hitler needed to begin peace negotiations with the allies, while Germany still had the leverage to negotiate with. Hitler would not hear of such "defeatism" from his Generals. Some German officers began planning a coup from the Fuhrer. Those conspirators looked to Hitler's most trusted General and hero of Germany, General Erwin Rommel, to become Germany's

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  • Erwin Rommel

    Erwin Rommel

    ERWIN ROMMEL Erwin Rommel Jr. was born on November 15, 1891 in Swabian. His father Erwin Rommel Sr., was a schoolmaster in Heidenheim in Wurttemberg , and Rommel's mother was Helene von Luz was a daughter of the local Regierungs-President. As a child, he was even tempered and was unremarkable academically and athletically. After high school, Rommel Jr. was thinking of applying to the Zeppelin works at Friederichshafen, but his father, an ex-artillery officer, advised

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    Submitted: June 5, 2010 By: Vika
  • Escrima and Arnis Verses Kali

    Escrima and Arnis Verses Kali

    Escrima and Arnis verses Kali James McGar Katipunan Kali Chris Diomampo, Ph.D. November 21, 2007 Escrima and Arnis verses Kali In order to discover the true history of Kali we must go back to the history of the Philippines which stretches back to 900AD (e.g. After Death). Kali has always been a part of Filipino history, but numerous migrants contributed, and many indigenous tribes influenced the art. Even before 900AD in about 200BC (e.g. Before

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    Submitted: March 25, 2010 By: July
  • Eshnunna's Perpetual Worshipers

    Eshnunna's Perpetual Worshipers

    Figurative art represents the type of culture that is present in a specific time period. The figure brings back the life of that culture. It helps us identify the culture politically and spiritually. When looking at these figures we need to study the object carefully. We need to be aware of the color, shape, size and texture of the object. Shadows and the use of light also help us analyze the image. Eshnunna's "Perpetual Worshipers"

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    Submitted: April 8, 2010 By: regina
  • Espanol


    El espanol es la cuarta lengua con mayor peso demografico en todo el mundo, es también la segunda lengua como estrumento de comunicaciòn tras el ingles. En 21 paises es la lengua oficial (globalmente 359 hablantes) y 40 miliones de personas la tiene como lengua non oficial (36 millones en los estados unidos). El espanol sigue creciendo y seguira creciendo en las pròximas decadas mas deprisa de el cino. Tiene pero que afrontar muchos desafìos,

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    Submitted: March 29, 2012 By: sammy
  • Espn History

    Espn History

    ESPN History Flashback to before September 9th, 1979, all televised sporting events were on ABC, NBC, or CBS, and fans had to wait for the 5 o'clock or 10 o'clock or the next morning's paper to see other teams' highlights and scores of. That was the pre-ESPN era. Now, sports fans have unlimited access about sports anytime they want 24/7 in today's sports world dominated by ESPN. William Rasmussen was the mastermind behind the fresh

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    Submitted: January 17, 2010 By: Kevin
  • Essay


    Emile Durkheim was a French philosopher, who was born on 15 April, 1858. Durkheim's theory of 'suicide' is related in various ways to his study of the division of labor and solidarity. It is also linked with the theory of 'social constraint'. Durkheim has established the view that there are no societies in which suicide does not occur. The reasoning of why people commit suicide is known only to the individual themselves. We can theorize,

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  • Essay on the Punic Wars

    Essay on the Punic Wars

    There were three Punic or Carthaginian Wars is Roman history. These were between 264 and 146 BC. These wars were the first great wars of Roman expansion outside Italy. The enemy of Rome had a large empire that stretched along the coast of North America and southern Spain and some parts of Sicily. This empire was known as Carthage. The purpose of these wars was to decide which power would become the dominant force around

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    Submitted: March 1, 2010 By: Mike
  • Essay over Dumb Community Drug Problem

    Essay over Dumb Community Drug Problem

    Morgan Shaw Dr. Michael Rather English 1301 17 October 2016 Crisis in the Community Silsbee is a small community, and for such a small community, there are many problems. Even with so many problems, I believe the biggest problem is drugs. Drugs are the biggest issue in Silsbee because they cause major loss, distract kids from school, and it can damage the body. If someone is a drug addict all they can think about is

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    Submitted: November 16, 2016 By: Morgan Shaw
  • Essay Question 2

    Essay Question 2

    ESSAY- Question #2 Around 500 BC, the Romans brought new, innovative ideas of architecture. Such ideas included arch's, baked brick, and cement. From this period, architecture branched off those ideas leading to temples, and coliseums built with brick and marble. Around this time domes, theaters and public bathing were also popular. For the city, aqueducts and sewers were expanding too. Market building was a complicated concept back then that we see in every city today

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    Submitted: December 10, 2009 By: Jack
  • Essay Schindler’s List (movie)

    Essay Schindler’s List (movie)

    The German forces defeat the Polish in weeks. Soon, the Jews are forced out of their homes to report to the train station, where their names are registered. In there appear a subtitle that say ”Over 10,000 Jews were being shipped to Krakow” or something like that. In Krakow the ghetto is overcrowded with Jews. The Jewish people are organized into working groups by the Jewish council, comprised of some elected Jews responsible for the

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    Submitted: May 12, 2010 By: July
  • Essay Three Argumentation and Persuasion

    Essay Three Argumentation and Persuasion

    Essay Three Argumentation and Persuasion Despite the die-hard commitment of many Boston Red Sox fans, the New York Yankees remain, by far, the most accomplished team in Major League Baseball. The rivalry between New York and Boston is not a new phenomenon at all. This resentment has existed since shortly after the first ever World Series game in 1903. It all began in December of 1920 when the Red Sox sold player, Babe Ruth to

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    Submitted: May 28, 2010 By: Max
  • Ethics in the World

    Ethics in the World

    Chronic Disease Clinton Bernard University of Phoenix SCI 100 Paradigms of Health Professor David Hayhurst April 25, 2007 In this text the Chronic Disease called Cancer will be defined and exposed for the killer that it takes lives in America everyday. Looking into the depths of the disease should give a broader spectrum of the class of diseases that plague America and the citizens that reside within this great nation. The research from scientist and

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    Submitted: November 24, 2009 By: Anna
  • Ethiopia and Eritrea

    Ethiopia and Eritrea

    Lesly Herradora 1/18/18 Ms.Pryce Per:1 Ethiopia/Eritrea essay Why do people not care about african countries? African countries are important too they're going through tough times but all people do if go on there phones and text or play games. Africans don’t have the high tech that the united states have but there unique in their own way. Ethiopia and Eritrea and their unique in many ways because of their religion , culture, language. First, Ethiopia

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    Submitted: January 24, 2018 By: nicewolf678
  • Ethnic Groups and Discrimination: Irish Americans

    Ethnic Groups and Discrimination: Irish Americans

    Irish immigration to the United States did not come without its share of hardships. The overall treatment of these individuals was very poor and unwelcoming. The Irish population was among the lowest rung on the socio-economic ladder. Promises of a better life in the United States were thwarted by prejudice, racism, segregation and many other forms of discrimination. Prejudice, Racism and Segregation Amidst the immigration of the Irish to America, this group of people was

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    Submitted: November 12, 2009 By: Anna
  • Ethnic Groups in Pakistan

    Ethnic Groups in Pakistan

    Since its birth, Pakistan has been home to various multi-ethnic societies and groups in all its provinces. The activities of these groups have had varying impact on the political history of Pakistan. This paper analyses the impact of the Sindhi ethnic society (also known as the "Jeeya Sindh movement") on the political history of Pakistan during the 1970s. I then provide a critique of the government's response to the demands of these movements and then

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    Submitted: November 28, 2009 By: Venidikt
  • Ethnic Relationships Around the World

    Ethnic Relationships Around the World

    Ethnic Relationships Around the World > > The word "ethnic" is defined as "relating to a >sizable group of people sharing a common and >distinctive racial, national, religious, linguistic, >or cultural heritage; relating to a people not >Christian or Jewish; heathen." By the definition >alone, it is no surprise that ethnic relations around >the world have always been a source of tension. Family >members cannot live in the same house because of >differences, sometimes resulting

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    Submitted: November 30, 2009 By: Tasha
  • Ethnicity and Soccer

    Ethnicity and Soccer

    Ethnicity and Soccer: The effect of non-English speaking immigrants on the establishment of soccer in Canberra in the 1950s and 1960s. Nick Guoth Abstract: Soccer in Canberra as a sport had died prior to the war. The advent of Australia's new immigration policy after 1945 saw a solid influx, over the next two decades, of non-English speaking Europeans to Australia and through their input they assisted in the re-emergence of soccer as a main sport

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    Submitted: January 7, 2010 By: Fatih
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