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  • Modern Vs. Postmodern

    Modern Vs. Postmodern

    Andrew DeLoach Modern World History 9-26-05 The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word modern as "relating to a recently developed or advanced style, technique, or technology." It also defines the word postmodern as "relating to art, architecture, or literature that reacts against earlier modernist principles, as by reintroducing traditional or classical elements of style or by carrying modernist styles or practices to extremes." However, Oswald Spengler claimed that the subdivision of history into intervals such

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    Submitted: December 16, 2009 By: Victor
  • Modern World Terms

    Modern World Terms

    1. War of the Spanish Succession- (1701-14), conflict that arose out of the disputed succession to the throne of Spain following the death of the childless Charles II, the last of the Spanish Habsburgs. The battles raged across Europe for eleven years. In an effort to regulate the impending succession, to which there were three principal claimants, England, the Dutch Republic, and France signed the First Treaty of Partition, agreeing Prince Joseph Ferdinand, should inherit

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    Submitted: June 9, 2010 By: Andrew
  • Modernism


    Modernism is the overall art movement that started in the late 1800s and lasted to the mid-late 1900s. Artists of this time were primarily interested in how they presented their artistic ideas and issues rather than reproducing the world as it appears. Paul Cezanne is considered to be an important person at this time as he focused on planes and structure, as he painted a specific mountain over and over again to look at its

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    Submitted: March 1, 2010 By: Victor
  • Modernism and the Holocaust

    Modernism and the Holocaust

    The emergence of the Holocaust and the Nazi party views can largely be determined as a result of modernity, as a reaction against the times. Yet, at the same time it can be argued that the National Socialist party can be characterized as a modern development. Modris Eksteins, George Mosse, and Zygmundt Bauman offer an in-depth look into both the anti-modern and modern aspects of the Nazi movement and the resulting Holocaust. Ekstein's work proves

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    Submitted: March 16, 2010 By: July
  • Mohammad - Islam

    Mohammad - Islam

    Mohammad What do you know about Islam? As the world becomes more diverse and opinionated it’s always good to know what you’re talking about. People, who go around with no knowledge of what they’re talking about, tend to be ignored or looked over. To know more about Islam, we must take a look at the best example of a follower of Islam, a Muslim, Mohammad is the conceiver of Islam, looked upon by Allah. He

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    Submitted: December 7, 2009 By: Anna
  • Mohandas Gandhi's Influence in the World

    Mohandas Gandhi's Influence in the World

    Carrera “Mohandas Gandhi’s influence in the world” Image result for mohandas gandhi ________________ Victoria Carrera Mrs. Slovak English 1 Pre-AP 09 November 2016. “Mohandas Gandhi’s Influence in the World” Mohandas Gandhi became a leader of India’s independence movement. He organized boycotts against British Institutions in forms of civil disobedience. Mohandas was a pacifist; he never used violence to solve his problems. He once expressed “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what

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    Submitted: November 15, 2016 By: lolipop555
  • Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

    Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in the town of Porbander in the state of what is now Gujarat on 2 October 1869. He had his schooling in nearby Rajkot, where his father served as the adviser to the local ruler. Though India was then under British rule, many states were allowed self-rule in domestic and internal affairs. Rajkot was one such state. At this time, British imperialism had invaded India. Their bustle of society

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    Submitted: December 30, 2009 By: regina
  • Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was one of the leading spiritual, political, moral, and cultural leaders of the 1900's. He helped free India from British control by using a unique method of nonviolent resistance. Gandhi is honored by the people of India, as the father of their nation. He was slight in build, but had great physical and moral strength. He was assassinated, by an Indian, who resented his program of tolerance for all creeds and religions.

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    Submitted: April 12, 2010 By: Jack
  • Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa

    The initial statements regarding the St Anne and Mary with the infant Christ c. 1502-1539 Louvre as a material object refer to the masterpieces dimensions, orginally and after structural support was added. The current condition of the painting is appraised as �mediocre’ due to a highly visible crack running vertically along the front of the painting and the later use of vanish having aged, darkening the overall tone of the painting. The masterpiece is considered

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    Submitted: December 31, 2009 By: Stenly
  • Monet - Palazzo Da Mula

    Monet - Palazzo Da Mula

    INTRODUCTION In this paper I will describe Monet's painting "Palazzo da Mula, Venice." I will do this by first giving my interpretation of the painting while examining it close up and then give my interpretation of the painting while examining it far away. Finally, I will explain how the philosophy of impressionism is illustrated in this painting. EXAMINING THE PAINTING - CLOSE UP Upon first glance, the painting seems out of focus. The colors are

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    Submitted: December 21, 2009 By: July
  • Money Makes the World Go Round

    Money Makes the World Go Round

    The United States lacked a central bank until the twentieth century, although there were two attempts to establish a central bank in the early 1800s. Without a money manager, the nation's financial system was like the nation itself--diverse and subject to uneven growth. As a result, there were frequent economic depressions and financial panics, and the Bank Panic of 1907 finally convinced the public that a central bank was necessary ____________________. Reform was difficult. In

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    Submitted: February 4, 2010 By: Tasha
  • Mongol Invasion to the Territory of Kazakhstan

    Mongol Invasion to the Territory of Kazakhstan

    Mongol invasion to the territory of Kazakhstan The arrival of the Mongols in the year of 1206 during the 12th and 13th centuries as a powerful empire is one of the most imperative happenings in the history of humanity. In that 1206 year Genghis – Khan combines all Mongol and Tatar tribes. When we say Mongols the first thing occurs our mind is Genghis Khan. In history, he created one of the most prevailing

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    Submitted: February 24, 2013 By: tore
  • Mongolian History - Rise of Ghengis Khan

    Mongolian History - Rise of Ghengis Khan

    Mongolia RISE OF GHENGIS (Chinggis) KHAN After the migration of the Jurchen, the Borjigin Mongols had emerged in central Mongolia as the leading clan of a loose federation. The principal Borjigin Mongol leader, Kabul Khan, began a series of raids into Jin in 1135. In 1162 (some historians say 1167), Temujin, the first son of Mongol chieftain Yesugei, and grandson of Kabul, was born. Yesugei, who was chief of the Kiyat subclan of the Borjigin

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    Submitted: November 27, 2009 By: Fonta
  • Mongols


    Genghis Khan took his place as the Mongol ruler near the end of the 12th century, and he conquered many regions including Eurasia. However during this time period cultural practices have had a large impact on the Mongolian Society in religion, gender roles, etc. Cultural practices often changed as the Mongols moved around and conquered several different areas like China and the Middle East because they usually would adopt the cultures of that area.

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    Submitted: December 12, 2017 By: Kristen Taylor Caday
  • Mongols Changing over Time

    Mongols Changing over Time

    Compare and Contrast Essay The Mongols stormed into control though means of expansion across the continents of Asia and Europe. Their rule was brutal at times, but nevertheless had a lasting affect on many cultures and societies. Although affecting various regions across the Eastern hemisphere, the Mongols probably had their biggest affect on Russia and China. Despite an overall negative impact to these societies, the Mongol rule drastically changed the political and economic systems in

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    Submitted: November 12, 2009 By: Mike
  • Monhandas Gandi

    Monhandas Gandi

    Gandhi was a very important religious Indian leader, reformer, and lawyer who accomplish so much for his people in both a political and social ways. Gandhi was the first to imposed civil disobedience. He had brought many changes to India; he even became one of the founding fathers of the modern Indian states. He also influences other future generation leaders to their success. All Gandhi wanted was his people respect and their independence from the

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    Submitted: January 27, 2010 By: Janna
  • Monks: St.Benedict’s Holy Rule

    Monks: St.Benedict’s Holy Rule

    World Civilization 1 Primary Source Paper Monks: St. Benedict's Holy Rule In the 4th and 5th century religious men and women looked for escape from the new Christian-Imperial, which they viewed as the corrupt and decaying society of Egypt, Syria-Palestine, and Anatolia. These fugitives were referred to as the "Desert Elders." They all had a desire to live the spirit of the Gospels alone with their God. This so called flight into the desert was

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    Submitted: November 9, 2009 By: Venidikt
  • Mono Habilis

    Mono Habilis

    Mono habilis Mono habilis is also known as "Maurico Solano." Habilis was probably the first of the ape-men to make primitive stone tools. These tools resembled "rocks," and in some cases, "stones." Mono Erectus Mono erectus inhabited the regions of southeastern and eastern Colombia until approximately 300,000 years ago, when its rent was raised and it got the hell out. Mono erectus had a similar body size to humans, although the male Mono erectus almost

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  • Montesquieu


    Lindsey Krueger Montesquieu was a man living in the. He was a political thinker who would also comment and author. He is most well known for theorizing a separation of powers. But he is also influential in anthropology. He wrote very important and influential pieces, some include The Spirit of laws, and Persian Letters. Montesquieu lived during the end of Louis XIV reign; one of the most power despot leaders of all time, there was

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    Submitted: December 10, 2014 By: LINDARRAGNAR
  • Monumental Changes: Or How the Reaction to Stalin by Three Social Groups Illustrates the Development of Socialism in the Soviet Union from 1945 to the 1990s.

    Monumental Changes: Or How the Reaction to Stalin by Three Social Groups Illustrates the Development of Socialism in the Soviet Union from 1945 to the 1990s.

    Monumental Changes: Or how the reaction to Stalin by three social groups illustrates the development of Socialism in the Soviet Union from 1945 to the 1990s. Monumental Propaganda relates a bottom-up history of the Soviet Union from the end of WWII to Post-Socialist Russia of the 1990s. The story is presented from the perspective of an unwavering defender of the cultural mores of post-war Russia, Aglaya Stepanovna Revkina. It is through this outlook that the

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    Submitted: December 10, 2009 By: Fatih
  • Moody


    Introduction There were many great leaders all throughout time, and there continues to be great leaders all over the world, with exemplary qualities. With all of these great leaders, it made it very difficult to choose just one to write about, but I found one that had qualities that I found very admirable. He had the same qualities that I try to incorporate into my everyday life, and hope to one day pass down to

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    Submitted: November 27, 2009 By: Vika
  • Morals in the Armed Forces

    Morals in the Armed Forces

    G. K. Chesterton once said, "That a man must be certain of his morality for the simple reason that he has to suffer for it." Man relies on morals to keep himself in check, to dictate the reason for his decisions. By it's own definition morals are motivations based on ideas of what is right and what is wrong. However, who decides what is right or wrong? What power governs the decision making process. In

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    Submitted: March 30, 2010 By: Fonta
  • More Minerva Than Mars: The French Women's Rights Campaign and The First World War

    More Minerva Than Mars: The French Women's Rights Campaign and The First World War

    More Minerva than Mars: The French Women's Rights Campaign and the First World War This essay examines the role of French women during and after the First World War based on Steven Hause's article "More Minerva than Mars: The French Women's Rights Campaign and the First World War". He claims that the World War I in many ways set back the French Women's Right Campaign. During the First World War, many French feminist leaders believed

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    Submitted: March 21, 2010 By: Jon
  • Mosaics in Early Byzantine Era

    Mosaics in Early Byzantine Era

    The increase in mosaics in churches in Late Antiquity and the Byzantine Era was largely due to the influence of the Roman Emperor Constantine (ruled from 306 to 337 AD). During his rule as emperor, Christianity became the major religion and there was a push for more buildings to house the followers of Christ. Along with the new buildings there was a need to decorate these places of worship accordingly and express the religion in

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    Submitted: November 12, 2009 By: Mike
  • Moscow, D-Day, and Stalingrad

    Moscow, D-Day, and Stalingrad

    The Battle of Moscow, D-Day, and Stalingrad During World War II many battles were fought. Many lives were lost, but many were also saved. The Allies and the Axis Powers clashed in many bloody encounters. Three of the most important battles were The Battle of Moscow in 1941, D-Day in 1944, and the Battle of Stalingrad (sometimes referred to as Volgograd) in 1942-43. Hitler initially invaded Moscow due to its strategic location in being the

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  • Moslem Women in the Silk Road by Frances Wood

    Moslem Women in the Silk Road by Frances Wood

    Moslem Women during Silk Road trade Under the chapter titled “A parterre of Roses: travelers to Ming China and Samarkand” of The Silk Road book, an interesting reality caught my attention as I was reading about the travels of the envoys and the description of such cities as in Ming China and Samarkand. The mere word “women” is not at all written throughout the whole chapter. In fact, the influence, presence, and obviousness of women

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    Submitted: February 4, 2010 By: Venidikt
  • Mother and Child

    Mother and Child

    Art and Visual Culture Assignment 3: Mother and Child 3/7/06 ASSIGNMENT 3: Mother and Child Throughout art history, artists have used the theme of mother and child for religious purposes, for cultural purposes, and for expressing the strong relationship between mother and child. You can find examples mother and child in the art of Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Medieval art and art of the Reniassance often depicts Mary and the Christ child to communicate bible

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    Submitted: December 5, 2009 By: Venidikt
  • Mother Courage

    Mother Courage

    MOTHER COURAGE The education system has always tried to figure out new ways of teaching certain matters of interest, like history, where there are many points to be discuss that can be left out by authors. Text books do not fill everything that should be filled, and it is impossible to do so because there are too many things to tell and not enough space to write. There is also the fact that every professor

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    Submitted: February 4, 2010 By: Tasha
  • Motivation for the Creation of Pakistan

    Motivation for the Creation of Pakistan

    Introduction:- What I have highlighted in this is that firstly Pakistan was created for the rights of Muslim not for Islam. Division of India and creation of Pakistan was the last option with Quaid –e-Azam. If Congress and Nehru were not imposing in their stunt Jinnah would have never insisted on division of India but it was due to the hardships Muslims faced during the congress rule which denied basic human rights to Muslims that

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    Submitted: April 23, 2011 By: mansoori1
  • Motivatoon


    Motivation It is said that "Management Is an Art of Getting Things done through others". Motivation plays a key role in implementing the above said statement. It basically bridges the gap between willingness to work and ones efficiency. Motivation influences the performance of an individual to a great extent by creating desire to achieve a positive outcome. The basic elements in motivation are human needs which vary from person to person. To understand the basic

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    Submitted: November 22, 2009 By: Janna
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