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This section covers a wide range of issues that are crucial to understanding the doctrine and basic principles of religion. This section also contains historical information about religions all over the world.

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  • Augustine, City of God

    Augustine, City of God

    Augustine, City of God* 'Explicui tuos libros; neque enim tam languidi aut inertes erant, ut me aliud quam se curare paterentur: iniecerunt manum, ereptumque aliis solicitudinum causis suis vinculis illigarunt ..., ut ego anceps sim quid in illis magis mirer, sacerdotii perfectionem, philosophiae dogmata, historiae plenam notitiam, an facundiae iucunditatem. ... Et usus es validissimo exemplo recentis calamitatis, quo licet firmissime causam muniveris, tamen si utrumvis licuisset, id tibi nolueram suffragari. Sed quando orta inde

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    Submitted: December 9, 2009 By: Anna
  • Augustines Grace

    Augustines Grace

    In the fifth century, a debate that affected the understanding of grace in Western Christianity, and that was to have long reaching effects on subsequent developments in the doctrine, took place between Pelagius and St Augustine of Hippo. Pelagius, a British monk, was concerned about the retention of man's moral accountability in the face of God's omnipotence. He strongly affirmed that men had free will and were able to choose good as well as evil.

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    Submitted: March 2, 2010 By: Kevin
  • Augustine’s Confessions

    Augustine’s Confessions

    In this autobiography of Augustine’s confessions, we are brought face-to-face with sin and the conversion of St. Augustine. In this paper, I will try and give an explanation on Augustine’s understanding of sin and also explain Augustine’s understanding of conversion. Sin was not unusual to Augustine, even as a young boy. In the second book, Augustine reveals that he and some of his friends stole some pears from a neighbor’s tree. They took the pears

    Essay Length: 722 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: November 14, 2009 By: Stenly
  • Augustine’s Idea of God

    Augustine’s Idea of God

    Augustine's Idea of God Best to begin by hearing Augustine call on his God. quid es ergo, deus meus? summe, optime, potentissime, omnipotentissime, misericordissime et iustissime, secretissime et praesentissime, pulcherrime et fortissime, stabilis et incomprehensibilis, immutabilis mutans omnia, numquam novus numquam vetus, semper agens semper quietus, conligens et non egens, portans et implens et protegens, creans et nutriens et perficiens, quaerens cum nihil desit tibi. et quid diximus, deus meus, vita mea, dulcedo mea sancta,

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    Submitted: November 30, 2009 By: Jon
  • Auto


    New Testament Assignment: Being Subject to Authority Romans 13:1-7 In Romans 13:1-7 Paul says that as Christians we need to be subject to governing authorities. What he means is that we should obey our governments through God’s word. He also points out that whoever resists authority resists what God’s word and will be punished. In the context it says that a person should not only fear the punishment that may be given but more fear

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    Submitted: February 4, 2010 By: Wendy
  • Ayashayama


    CONTEXT There is one thing that must always be remembered when reading any religious text. There are universal timeless truths sprinkled throughout these texts and teachings. However, there are many time-specific truths, as well. These are writings and teachings meant to guide and instruct the people at a specific point in the social / political / economic / psychological climate in which they were penned or taught. This goes for the verbal teachings as well.

    Essay Length: 4,534 Words / 19 Pages
    Submitted: January 25, 2010 By: Janna
  • Aztecs Rituals

    Aztecs Rituals

    The Aztecs were a very civilized people for their time. In their culture they had roughly 15 million people in 500 towns with a capitol city, Tenochtitlan. 300,000 people lived in the capital city of Tenochtitlan. These numbers show the vastness of their people. In whatever the Aztecs did, whether it was building, conquering, or worshiping they did it to the fullest of their potential. The Aztecs had writings, records, taxes, maps and legal processes,

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    Submitted: December 17, 2009 By: Top
  • Babettes Feast

    Babettes Feast

    Babettes Feast is about two sisters named Martine and Philippa who are the daughters of a pastor who founded his own religious sect. They prove to be very selfless and caring throughout the movie. The sisters had given up their chance at romance and fame in their earlier days but had always ended up taking refuge in their religion. One night a woman refugee named Babette from Paris fled to Denmark with the help of

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    Submitted: January 30, 2010 By: Top
  • Babylon - the Great Is Fallen

    Babylon - the Great Is Fallen

    BABYLON THE GREAT IS FALLEN In Revelation chapters 17 and 18 we read about the great whore named Babylon who sits on many waters and is the mother of all harlots. The imagery in which the apostle John uses to describe Babylon has very significant meaning, in particular for the church as she approaches the end of the age. It is of paramount importance to understand who this Babylon is and how she affects the

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    Submitted: February 17, 2010 By: Janna
  • Baghavad Gita

    Baghavad Gita

    The Bhagavad Gita is perhaps the most famous, and definitely the most widely-read, ethical text of ancient India. As an episode in India's great epic, the Mahabharata, The Bhagavad Gita now ranks as one of the three principal texts that define and capture the essence of Hinduism; the other two being the Upanishads and the Brahma Sutras. Though this work contains much theology, its kernel is ethical and its teaching is set in the context

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    Submitted: May 20, 2010 By: Vika
  • Balanced Living

    Balanced Living

    Balanced Living I am excited about this year’s Stewardship series which is focusing on the Total U. I would like to talk to you about managing/maximizing your time to live a spiritually balanced life. Many Christian believers often find it a struggle to live a life that is both spiritual and practical. They are either practical at the expense of being spiritual or spiritual at the expense of being practical. Spending time fulfilling the needs

    Essay Length: 1,109 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: December 26, 2009 By: Monika
  • Baphomet - How the Church Created the Image of the Devil

    Baphomet - How the Church Created the Image of the Devil

    THE ELIPHAS LEVI BAPHOMET DRAWING and HOW THE CHURCH CREATED THE IMAGE OF THE DEVIL. The rise of the early Christian church was marked by a battle to individualise itself by usurping and suppressing pantheistic ethos of all peasant cultures with which it came into contact. The purpose of pantheism is not idolatry (as the church has continually misinformed us) but a method of representing the method of nature. At the top of the scale

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    Submitted: December 9, 2009 By: Vika
  • Baptism


    Baptism is the door to life and to the kingdom of God. Baptism in Christian churches, the universal rite of initiation, performed with water, usually in the name of the Trinity or in the name of Christ. Orthodox and Baptist churches require baptism by total immersion. In other churches, pouring and sprinkling are more common. Most churches regard baptism as a sacrament, or sign of grace; some regard it simply as an ordinance, or rite,

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    Submitted: January 12, 2009 By: Venidikt
  • Baptism


    Gregory A. Boyd and Paul R Eddy in their co-authored book, “Across the Spectrum,” examine many of the issues that are hot topics of debate among Evangelical Christians today. Among the many debates contained with their pages, that this writer finds of especial interest, is the debate and controversy over Christian water baptism. The fact that no person can be a member of any church, with some minor exceptions such as the Quakers and the

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    Submitted: November 26, 2009 By: Mike
  • Baptism


    Baptism God sent John the Baptist to prepare "the way of the Lord" by preaching repentance and baptism. John baptized his converts by immersion in water. The very meaning of the word baptize means to immerse.# When a person is baptized they will go completely down in the water. Jesus was God manifested in flesh. Therefore, He was perfect and sinless and yet, even the Lord and Saviour Himself was baptized by John the Baptist.

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    Submitted: November 30, 2009 By: Mike
  • Baptism


    Baptism There are many positive and negative arguments about infant baptism in the Catholic Church. Baptism is a Christian. Baptism is the second biggest sacrament known to Christian religions. Baptism is a Christian sacrament marked by a ritual, which admits the recipient into the Christian community. In the Roman Catholic tradition baptism is celebrated by immersing a persons head with water. Infant baptism has a lot of good negative arguments to help make this issue

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    Submitted: January 25, 2010 By: Max
  • Baptism


    Baptism In some religions, such as Islam and Christianity, group praying is an inseparable part of the religion. As a result, some places are built by the followers of these religions which belong to communal worship and prayer. The place of worship in Christianity is called the Church. Christianity has different branches and the followers of each branch often build and arrange their churches differently from other branches. Churches belonging to different branches of Christianity

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    Submitted: February 6, 2010 By: Monika
  • Baptism


    RELIGION ESSAY ~ Baptism The Baptism ritual has been a symbolic part of our Christian faith. Throughout the centuries, Baptism has been performed as a sign of welcoming one to the Christian faith, as well as renouncing the original sin committed by Adam and Eve. But the Rite of Baptism has been altered and changed as it was performed from generation to generation. During the time of Priscilla, a convert who lived around 239 C.E.,

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    Submitted: March 10, 2010 By: Mike
  • Baptist Church

    Baptist Church

    Baptist Churches Calvary Baptist Church, that’s the name of the church I recently attended, and although it was a lot different from my own catholic faith, I enjoyed it very much. The Pastor, Sergio Reyes, started out the service with an opening prayer which led us into a hymn about America and how wonderful our country is. Most of the songs we sang were about America, considering the fact that Independence Day was right around

    Essay Length: 1,285 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: November 10, 2009 By: Anna
  • Bbhunji


    We rightly no longer expect much when it comes to industry's willingness to take on a tough fight, particularly in the face of such a shrill attack machine. In Europe, many big businesses can be forgiven for having decided that the fight there is, at least for now, lost and trying to make the best of a bad situation. That's not what we face here, however, because we haven't adopted this agenda. The big businesses

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    Submitted: June 12, 2010 By: Mike
  • Be Alive Speech

    Be Alive Speech

    Today, IЎЇm going to talk about key concepts covered in class. Some of these key concepts are the following: the sacredness of the human body, regardless of appearance, the dignity of every person, everyone is created in the image and likeness of God and the Fifth Commandment. All of these concepts connect and relate with one another and youЎЇll see why at the end. Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the

    Essay Length: 940 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: April 2, 2010 By: Kevin
  • Be Still and Know

    Be Still and Know

    BE STILL AND KNOW Romans 11:33-36 Introduction Who am I? That’s an important question! Who are you? How are we to relate? Those are important things too. What about God? What is He like? How do I relate to Him? Those things are most important of all. If we lift this hymn about God out of this context, which describes the history of His work with His people, it doesn’t seem to abuse the message.

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    Submitted: December 27, 2009 By: Vika
  • Becoming Separate from Sin

    Becoming Separate from Sin

    It is when you get excited about the Word that it will work for you. There is no such thing about being in faith for something and being depressed about it. There is no such thing as being in faith about something and being bored with it. If you are bored then you are not in faith. If you are depressed then you are not in faith. Faith believes that God has heard our

    Essay Length: 822 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: January 3, 2010 By: Tasha
  • Beginning of the World.

    Beginning of the World.

    Archeologists discover tools over tens of thousands years old everyday…or so they think. The archeologists believe that humans have been around in the world for over 2 million years and we started to invent tools around 2,000,000 BC. Roughly around 15,000 BC, they figured that the Lascaux cave paintings were created around that time. And at 9,000 BC, agriculture came into play, and then at 3,000 BC, civilizations began to form. The point is: archeologists

    Essay Length: 601 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: April 25, 2010 By: Mike
  • Behind Mackie’s Argument for Atheism

    Behind Mackie’s Argument for Atheism

    Mackie in his paper Evil and Omnipotence, constructs an argument against the idea of the possibility of a God existing that has the characteristics laid out by the main religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. These characteristics include that God is omnipotent, or He is capable of stopping evil, and omni benevolent, or He wants to eliminate evil and He is entirely good. Mackie systematically goes through his logical thought process as well as his response

    Essay Length: 1,968 Words / 8 Pages
    Submitted: December 21, 2009 By: David
  • Being a Leader

    Being a Leader

    BEING A LEADER Leadership is the process of motivating others to work to meet specific goals and objectives. "Leadership is deliberately causing people-driven actions in a planned fashion for the purpose of accomplishing the leader's agenda". A leader motivates others to action. Thus, it is the motivation of others and their actions that defines a successful leader. In other words, leadership is the art and science of getting others to perform and achieve a vision.

    Essay Length: 1,599 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: December 14, 2009 By: Tasha
  • Being and Becoming

    Being and Becoming

    Being and Becoming How do we explain change or the lack of change? What is being or becoming? Just some of the questions past Greek Philosophers tried to answer. Exploring Heraclitus idea’s of no being just becoming, a continuous change and the unity of opposites. On the other hand Parmenides views on ontology the study of being, “the one and the many”. Both postulated a model of nature and the universe which created the

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    Submitted: February 20, 2010 By: Mike
  • Belief System

    Belief System

    Workshop One Individual What is a Belief System? Paper (due Week One) Write a 1050-1400 word paper that defines the elements of your religious belief system. Include a brief discussion of each of the following topics: a. How your beliefs make up a religious belief system. b. How you acquired your religious belief system. c. The benefits and disadvantages of having your particular belief system. d. The role of tradition in your religious belief system.

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    Submitted: November 15, 2009 By: Mike
  • Belief System

    Belief System

    Belief System Religion is commonly defined as a group of beliefs concerning the supernatural, sacred, or divine, and the moral codes, practices, values, institutions and rituals associated with such beliefs (Wikipedia, 2006). Most of the major religions have evolved over the centuries into what they are today. In many cultures and times, religion has been the basic foundation of life, permeating all aspects of human existence (Fisher, 2002). Religion is passed on from generation to

    Essay Length: 1,154 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: February 9, 2010 By: Vika
  • Belief Systems

    Belief Systems

    Belief Systems The religious beliefs of people along the Silk Road at the beginning of the 1st century BCE were very different from what they would later become. When China defeated the nomadic Xiongnu confederation and pushed Chinese military control northwest as far as the Tarim Basin (in the 2nd century BCE), Buddhism was known in Central Asia but was not yet widespread in China nor had it reached elsewhere in East Asia. Christianity was

    Essay Length: 963 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: November 30, 2009 By: Steve

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