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Last update: September 2, 2014
  • Intel Corporation Case Study

    Intel Corporation Case Study

    Introduction This analysis of Intel Corporation is to educate the investor about the company and provide them with useful information that will enable them to make a decision as to whether they should invest in the company. Intel primarily manufactures semiconductors or integrated circuits containing silicon that are used in computers as computer chips. The purpose of this paper is to provide the investor with facts regarding the company profile, global presence, environmental policies, competitors,

    Essay Length: 1,557 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: December 18, 2009 By: Victor
  • Nike Case Study

    Nike Case Study

    Nike. The Positioning statement of Nike is “For serious athletes, Nike gives confidence that provides the perfect shoe for every sport”. In today’s competitive environment, Nike, one of the global leaders in sporting goods industry, has established a strong position for enhancing athletic life style. It’s the number one sports manufacturer in the world design by Nolan Breitbarth in the 1970s with Phil knight founder of Nike Inc. It is the leading sporting goods Company

    Essay Length: 854 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: December 18, 2009 By: Wendy
  • Mountain Dew Case Study

    Mountain Dew Case Study

    BM: CASE 3: A NEW MORNING FOR MOUNTAIN DEW Mountain Dew was launched in 1969. PepsiCo initially marketed Mountain Dew with the countrified tag line “Yahoo Mountain Dew! It will tickle your innards”. Since then, the drink has outgrown its provincial roots. After an unsuccessful attempt in the early 1980s to bring urban teenage drinkers to the brand by advertising on MTV, the company switched its focus to using outdoor action scenes in its ads.

    Essay Length: 491 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: December 18, 2009 By: Monika
  • Tci Case Study

    Tci Case Study

    The short term goal of TCI is to refocus on its core offering and leverage its programming services through digital TV. Digital TV programming provides users with 100 channels (through digital compression techniques) instead of the existing 50 analog channels and has the longterm potential (powered through network upgrades) to have access to 500 channels, and the combination of TV with internet and telephone. This combination is widely referred to as triple-play services. The digital

    Essay Length: 484 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: December 18, 2009 By: Edward
  • Ikea Case Study

    Ikea Case Study

    IKEA - case study Word length : 1250 Introduction IKEA is one of the fastest growing furniture manufacturing regions in the world. It has operated 154 stores in 22 countries and services 286 million customers a year. As one of the most important reasons, IKEA has many capabilities in order to maximize customer value. Therefore, it is an indispensable part of IKEA's business to ensure that value is all delivered to each customer by changing

    Essay Length: 1,287 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: December 19, 2009 By: Kevin
  • Effective Communications Case Study - Tylenol

    Effective Communications Case Study - Tylenol

    Effective Communication Case Study - Tylenol In the fall of 1982, after taking Extra-Strength Tylenol laced with cyanide, seven people were pronounced dead. Mary Kellerman 12 years old from Elk Grove, Illinois, Adam Janus 27 years old from Arlington Heights, Illinois, Adam’s brother Stanley, 25, and his wife Theresa, 19, Mary Reiner, 27, from Winfield, Paula Prince, 35, found dead in her Chicago apartment, and Mary McFarland, 31, from Elmhurst, Illinois were all killed after

    Essay Length: 1,744 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: December 20, 2009 By: Bred
  • Nestle’ Case Study

    Nestle’ Case Study

    Background The dairy products at Nestlé are a big driving force for the growth of the company’s sales. With the health kick of the many individuals around the world, it pushes the innovator and renovators of Nestlé to reach new height in finding better and healthier products for their consumers. More recent, dairy division became a big potion of the company’s earnings, so it would be best for Nestlé to focus a big portion of

    Essay Length: 3,039 Words / 13 Pages
    Submitted: December 20, 2009 By: Jon
  • Alergan a Case Study

    Alergan a Case Study

    Allergan Case Analysis Allemande Left, then Do-Si-Do, Find a Partner (2004) Team 2 THE CURRENT SITUATION A. Current Performance Allergan is one of the smaller pharmaceutical companies in the industry, it’s product lines include ophthalmology, neuromodulator, and dermatology. Allergan has experienced recorded sales growth; 16% over the previous year. As Allergan entered 2004, it has a strong pipeline of projects, with most of its resources focusing on ophthalmology and neuromodulator businesses. The company has indicated

    Essay Length: 772 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: December 20, 2009 By: July
  • Bill French Case Study

    Bill French Case Study

    Case Study: Bill French 1. Bill has assumed that Duo-Products' relevant range for fixed costs will remain constant even after planned expansion of production capacity. He has also assumed that there is just one breakeven point for the firm (by taking the average of the 3 products). He has also assumed that the sales mix will remain constant. Two other assumptions are that total revenue and total expenses behave in a linear manner over the

    Essay Length: 463 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: December 20, 2009 By: Top
  • Amazon.Com Case Study

    Amazon.Com Case Study

    The structure of is most certainly representative of a great marketing effort on the part of the company. has a myriad of different marketing concepts which aid to the increased consumption and popularity of this great organization. With thirty-six product categories offered on the website, is bound to appeal to the consumer with its premiere marketing efforts and techniques’s easy to navigate webpage and simplistic accessibility are both contributing factors to

    Essay Length: 970 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: December 20, 2009 By: Venidikt
  • Ups Case Study

    Ups Case Study

    Introduction UPS has always been a stable, smart company that knows where it wants to go and how it was going to get there. Long-term profitability was never a question; however, increased competition and technological advancements have been two of the major forces behind UPS's wake-up call. In 1994, it was announced that UPS would be undergoing some drastic changes in the future, which caused much stress and concern company-wide. One of the changes that

    Essay Length: 3,647 Words / 15 Pages
    Submitted: December 20, 2009 By: Artur
  • Case Study of Irish Ferries

    Case Study of Irish Ferries

    INTRODUCTION Irish Ferries was founded in 1972 and initially began operations between Rosslare and Le Havre. In 1992, the company took over the British and Irish Steampacket Company Limited, a nationalised company, which traded under the trade name B&I Line and operated between Dublin and Holyhead. Irish Ferries is Ireland 's leading ferry company transporting passengers and freight between Ireland, Great Britain and Continental Europe. They are a division of Irish Continental Group. Irish Ferries’

    Essay Length: 10,752 Words / 44 Pages
    Submitted: December 21, 2009 By: Artur
  • Case Study About Coprophilia and Substance Abuse

    Case Study About Coprophilia and Substance Abuse

    Running head: CASE STUDY ABOUT COPROPHILIA AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE Exploration in to a possible linkage between coprophilia and substance abuse. Micael Johansson Pierce College Abstract This case study attempts to explore the correlation between coprophilia and substance abuse. The research seeks to determine the cause, effect, and treatment options for persons diagnosed with co-occurring disorders involving a paraphilia and substance abuse. The research is based on several interviews over a period of two months culminating

    Essay Length: 1,471 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: December 21, 2009 By: Vika
  • Axt Case Study and Its Deadly Effects

    Axt Case Study and Its Deadly Effects

    AXT Case Study and Its Deadly Effects Root Problems Despite citations and fines, American Xtal Technologies also known as AXT was not able to improve the safety conditions of its workers. The factory would rather lay off potential ill workers and pack up to move it operations where there are less strict health regulations in place for employees. The lack of information, lack of hazardous training, and lack of taking safety precautions to ensure

    Essay Length: 2,070 Words / 9 Pages
    Submitted: December 21, 2009 By: Mikki
  • Mega Project Case Study

    Mega Project Case Study

    Case Study Learning Team C University of Phoenix Case Study A project is defined as “a complex, non-routine, one-time effort limited by time, budget, resources, and performance specifications designed to meet customer needs” (Gray & Larson, 2005, p. 15). Project management crosses all industries and is present in every corner of the globe. “The basics of project management are universal—making sure a project is done correctly, on time, and within budget—ensuring every element of any

    Essay Length: 7,846 Words / 32 Pages
    Submitted: December 21, 2009 By: Stenly
  • Case Study Jones~blair Company

    Case Study Jones~blair Company

    Case Study Jones~Blair Company Discussion Questions: 1. Identify at least five characteristics of the U.S. architectural paint industry that are most likely to shape the marketing strategies of the interested firms. U.S. Paint Industry The U.S. paint industry is divided into three broad segments: (1) Architectural coatings, (2) Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) coatings, and (3) Special-purpose costing. The U.S. paint industry is generally considered to maturing with sales in 1997 slightly over $13 billion and

    Essay Length: 609 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: December 22, 2009 By: Janna
  • Case Study Analysis

    Case Study Analysis

    INTRODUCTION Must students who increasingly depend on electronic technologies such as e-mail become more isolated, as some have claimed and many fear? Or what is the potential for computer-mediated communication (CMC) to complement and extend other forms of interaction and become a tool for building, rather than destroying, social relations? How is CMC used similarly and differently when participants actually live together in a face-to-face (f2f) community, instead of only communicating at a distance? These

    Essay Length: 1,177 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: December 22, 2009 By: Anna
  • Wal-Mart Case Study

    Wal-Mart Case Study

    Wal-Mart Case Study Wal-Mart’s domestic presence as of July 31, 2006 consisted of 1,146 Wal-Mart stores, 2,098 Supercenters, 567 Sams Clubs, and 107 Neighborhood Markets. Internationally, the Company operated units in Argentina (12), Brazil (293), Canada (278), China (60), Costa Rica (131), Germany (85), Guatemala (119), Honduras (37), Japan (393), Mexico (815), Nicaragua (36), Puerto Rico (54), El Salvador (59), South Korea (16) and the United Kingdom (322). These figures are available in the

    Essay Length: 862 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: December 23, 2009 By: Andrew
  • Conflict Management Case Study

    Conflict Management Case Study

    In this case study we will be analyzing a conflict between coworkers from "Not on My Sabbath" by Joy Koesten. The situation involves a woman, Joan, who has been highly successful in the agency in which she works. A problem arises between her and her coworker/superior, Sue, who is seemingly jealous of Joan's quick success. Sue ends up making a change to Joan's job description that conflicts with her religious practices. We will be analyzing

    Essay Length: 2,064 Words / 9 Pages
    Submitted: December 23, 2009 By: Anna
  • Dell Inc Case Study

    Dell Inc Case Study

    Executive Summary: “Dell, Inc. and its subsidiaries engage in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, sale, and support of computer systems and services worldwide” (YahooFinance). Dell recognizes that businesses are depending more and more on their information technology departments. Most frequently the strict challenges that Dell has faced by businesses impact not only the industry, but information technology as well. As a result, organizations must rely on professional service organizations that have both business and technical

    Essay Length: 2,701 Words / 11 Pages
    Submitted: December 23, 2009 By: Max
  • International Supply Chain: Wal-Mart Case Study

    International Supply Chain: Wal-Mart Case Study

    Before analyzing Wal-Mart’s corporate strategy, it is important to decide what business it is in. For example, if Wal-Mart is in the business of selling consumer goods such as TV’s, sheets, clothes, etc then it is pursuing a concentric strategy by entering the food business. However, this changes depending on how you analyze what business Wal-Mart is in. Wal-Mart is in the business of selling everything customers need in their everyday lives. This includes the

    Essay Length: 1,231 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: December 23, 2009 By: Mike
  • Krispy Kreme Case Study

    Krispy Kreme Case Study

    Samsung Electronics Company Limited has been cranking up new product development process to develop and launch hundreds of innovations based on the latest technology and beating competitors to the marketplace. They produce premium priced, feature-jammed goods and have been a strong rival for Sony, Nokia, and Panasonic. They target their products towards affluent households with high annual incomes. Samsung’s products include TVs, cell phones, digital music players, personal digital assistants (PDAs), DVD players, camcorders, camera

    Essay Length: 2,386 Words / 10 Pages
    Submitted: December 24, 2009 By: Anna
  • Walmart Corp Case Study

    Walmart Corp Case Study

    Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to give analytical view of current and future strategy to all interested sectors of society such as family, government, and mainly to the Wal-Mart corporation in order to identify the causes and the effects of possible future profit failure and to give recommendations to reduce it. Research for this report included a review of current literature and information’s from various internet sources and articles. Wal-Mart is the

    Essay Length: 2,733 Words / 11 Pages
    Submitted: December 24, 2009 By: Tommy
  • Marketing Case Study: Becel Margarine

    Marketing Case Study: Becel Margarine

    Becel Margarine: Reinvigorating Growth 1. Problem Statement/IdentificationWhat changes should Becel make to its marketing strategy to increase sales, market share, profits and maintain rapidly growing trend in the long run? The current strategic objectives and goals of the margarine giant Becel are to: Deliver strong short and long-term growth Sustain and consolidate current record market share Deliver a brand that helps consumers meet their health heart needs However, in order to achieve its strategic aims

    Essay Length: 2,544 Words / 11 Pages
    Submitted: December 24, 2009 By: Stenly
  • Roe V. Wade - Case Study

    Roe V. Wade - Case Study

    Roe v. Wade was a United States Supreme Court case that determined that laws against abortion violate the constitutional right to privacy. The decision overturned all state laws that banned or restricted abortion. ( This case is one of the most controversial decisions in US Supreme Court History, it also became one of the most politically significant Supreme Court decisions in history, reshaping national politics, dividing the nation into "pro-choice" and “pro-life" camps, and inspiring

    Essay Length: 2,400 Words / 10 Pages
    Submitted: December 24, 2009 By: Steve

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