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Where Dell Is Going Next

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Essay title: Where Dell Is Going Next

The article I read was Where Dell is Going Next. This is an article about the computer Dell. The have been a very successful company for many years. It dropped the word “computer” from its name about a year ago. They did this since PC growth is slowing and they are now starting to broaden their main focus from computers to other things. The major new areas that Dell wants to dominate is printers and storage. They are sitting their aim high. They not only want to dominate in the United States but the world.

Dell has done it’s homework when they decided to expand their business. They did research and found out what their competitors were doing to keep in the game. Then Dell started planning their goals so they could achieve their goals. One of the first things Dell did was start selling their own printers. They were selling them less than their largest competitor which helped boost sales and revenue. But Dell knew they had would need more help, so they partnered with Lexmark first and now they will be partnering with Fuji Xerox, Samsung, and Kodak. This will help Dell to dominate the

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