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Can Space Exploration Save Mankind?

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With global warming on the rise, the inevitability of the extinction of all mankind has become quite prevalent to us in the past few years than ever before. Almost complete destruction of our rainforests, pollution of our oceans, and extreme weather conditions causing ice caps in the Poles to melt at a rapid rate. While the debate on whether humans are the cause of global warming continue, ideas to prevent our extinction are popping up everywhere. (????)

Space exploration roughly began in the 1940’s (add research) and has continued to grow ever since. While sending mankind into space hasn’t happened in several years, we are still able to get an enormous amount of intelligence through rovers and satellites for us to take in while staying right here on Earth. (where am I going with this?)

Space exploration is beneficial to mankind in so many ways. The United States government has spent billions, 601.3 to be exact, on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration programs. Coming up on NASA’s 60th anniversary on 29th July 2018, it should not be viewed as a waste of time or money. Mankind has learned many things about our planet from the extravagant feats of deception from outer space. We are now

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